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Why this list of reviews?

I go to a lot of concerts. On 23 April 2000, I realized that it was a shame not to keep track of them with a few words about them. I will be happy to read my own reviews in the future, and it can be of interest to other people too.

The list and the reviews of concerts before this date is far from complete (especially regarding small events) and probably not accurate. I will try to eventually get everything right.

How I decide to list a show

This is an interesting question. What is the difference between a band playing in a bar and a concert worth writing a review for?

The events listed below are appearances by a band that I wanted to go to or that I found worth mentioning. So I have seen other live appearances that I didn't want to mention.

It also means that I will mention a support act only if I found it interesting.

How do I hear about the bands and the concerts

Having moved a few times, I have found it difficult to know where the good places are.

I usually find out about the large concerts by visiting the Web sites where they sell tickets, even though I don't like those sites: TicketMaster, Next Ticketing in Boston, FNAC in France, etc.

There are some cool Web sites listing all the concerts:

There are also good newspapers and magazines which will tell you about the events:

And you also have to know the right people who will tell you what is worth seeing.

If you know good bands in the Boston area, please write to me. I'll be happy to discover a new kind of music.

Concert reviews

I have reorganized my listings in order to provide both a chronologically-ordered and an alphabetically-ordered listing:

Shortcuts: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, others.

I have kept my list of concerts missed below.

Concert that I have painfully missed

Toto - November 1996 - Paris, France
Because I was lame.
Louise Attaque & Miossec - May 1997 - Hot Brass, Paris, France
It was a free concert, and I arrived a few minutes after the last ticket was given. I have it on tape though since it was broadcasted live by Oui FM. And it was good... *sigh*
Trust - 1997 - Paris, France
Because I was lame.
G3 - June 1997 - Zénith, Paris, France
One of my best friends was getting married far from Paris the next day, and I was the best men. I therefore missed Joe Satriani and Steve Vai playing together (ouch).
Hopefully, I managed to see them on their second tour: G3 (Petrucci+Vai+Satriani) in Boston, MA, USA in July 2001.
Van Halen - June 1998 - London, England & Paris, France
I have to go to Paris when they are playing in London, and a few days after I come back to England, they play in Paris. No comment.
Garbage - January 1999 - Wembley Arena, London, England
I waited too long to buy my tickets (trying to get some friends to come with me) and the only tickets left were way too far (bad accoustic, couldn't have seen anything) so I didn't buy them.
dEUS - May 1999 - London, England
The concert was just before I had to move to Boston, so I had other things to do.
Elvis Costello, John Lee Hooker & The Saw Doctors - June 1999 - Boston, MA, USA
Free concert sponsored by Guinness! And I learnt about it the next day! Ouch!
Iron Maiden - August 1999 - Boston, MA, USA
Don't even try to get a ticket the day before the show.
Tori Amos - September 1999 - MA, USA
Because I was lame.
REM - September 1999 - MA, USA
Because I was lame.
Ben Harper - 7 November 1999 - Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, USA
There's a dinner at work that I can't miss twice a year. Well, that was the same night...
Orchestra Morphine - March-April 2000 - Boston area, MA, USA
I saw a band called Orchestra Morphine playing around Boston. I thought it was just a tribute band and decided that I would try to go and see them if I could. I then forgot. A few days after their last concert in the Boston area, I discovered that it was Dana Colley, Bill Conway and some new guys. Basically, that was the "new" Morphine!! And they played five minutes away from where I live...

About this list of reviews

The reason for the change above is that I have finally decided to automate the generation of my concert reviews list, and that I now provide, separately so that it's lighter, two versions of this list (see above).

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