Jan 25 2008

Sometimes, Macs need to be reinstalled too

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Mac mini slot loading SuperDrive by Richard Thomas

For the past three weeks, our Mac mini, whose sole purpose in life is to run iTunes – to share music in the house – and Vine Server – because it’s headless –, had been crashing after less than 24 hours of being up. It would just stop responding to anything except to pings, and I would not be able to SSH nor VNC into it.

Nothing was showing up in the logs, and plugging in a monitor and a keyboard did not help getting more information. I didn’t remember doing any change to the system except applying the software upgrades from Apple.

As it’s a first generation one (as a matter of fact, bought on 22 January 2005, the day they were released), I wondered if it was time to invest into a new computer.

After running a full hardware test that turned up nothing abnormal, I decided to give it a last chance by reinstalling it. So I took my Panther CD (yes, remember, before Leopard, there was Tiger, and before Tiger, there was Leopard), and spent a couple of hours reinstalling the system from scratch.

The result is a much faster system, and it’s been up for almost 3 days now!

mini:~ hugo$ uptime
21:28 up 2 days, 22:42, 2 users, load averages: 0.07 0.02 0.01

So, just like Windows, OS X needs to be reinstalled, sometimes. But it’s not every few months, it’s about every 3 years.