Jul 26 2007

Popup posting bookmarklet for del.icio.us

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I have found a number of bookmarklets for del.icio.us, but most of them did were for old versions of the posting API, and those that I found for the v4 API were presenting slightly tweaked version of the interface.

So I very slightly tweaked the official bookmarklet to simply make it a popup window, and also enabled text selection to enter a description. Nothing really fancy, but that may be useful to others.

Here’s the bookmarklet: Post to del.icio.us (2007-11-23: updated to close the popup window after submitting).

7 Responses to “Popup posting bookmarklet for del.icio.us”

  1. fenglu says:

    I wish a better one. It could be closed automatically after it’s done.
    Any body knows is there a one?

  2. hugo says:

    I’ve just updated it to make close the popup window once the submit button has been pressed.

  3. fenglu says:

    Thank you very much! Hugo! :-D

  4. fenglu says:

    BTW: The popup window’s size can’t be changed. Also when it pop ups, it will be covered by the existed window automatically.
    I wonder could you change that when you have time?

  5. 更好用的del.icio.us小书签 | i Got it says:

    [...] 相比del.icio.us官方版的bookmarklet,这个更好用一些,比如,选定的文字自动添加为Notes、弹出窗口、提交后自动关闭。引自这里。 [...]

  6. Rachel says:

    THANK YOU for this. Oh man. I’ve been trying to find one that opened in a new window — you have saved me much frustration!

  7. AG says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this. I used your bookmarklet for *years* and just today made the switch to the official one as delicious just rolled out a new save interface and your bookmarklet is no longer optimized. I used your code to save thousands of bookmarks, so I appreciate you work on the bookmarklet. All the best!

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