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Is there any reason that one would read email and news with two different programs?

  1. The format of the messages is the same.
  2. The actions the one would like to do (reply, forward, delete) are (pretty much) the same.

The distinction has become even slimmer with Gmane.

Still, there are clients for doing each of these things individually. I for one use Mutt to read email and slrn to read news.

They both have advantages and disadvantages other each other, e.g. Mutt has great MIME implementation but basic scoring capabilities, while slrn has non-existant MIME support but slang scripting which allows for AdaptiveScoring.

What it comes down to is that I have to use two program, i.e. I have to maintain to configurations, know two sets of key bindings, etc., to do similar things.

Gnus got this right, and other Emacs client FWIW, by providing a simple unique interface. It even supports RssSyndication! Actually, Pine does this too, but it's not as powerful as Mutt nor Gnus for email.

However, Gnus doesn't integrate well with my setup (offline IMAP folders in a subdirectory sorted by procmail -- nnimap doesn't linke slashes in forder names and the other backends seem to always be talking to spool files, not the actual folders), which really is a shame. Plus Gnus seems very complex to get used to. I tried Wanderlust but I had some issues.

Mutt has an NNTP patch. Maybe I should try this but I will then loose the benefit of AdaptiveScoring...

I guess the solution is ultimately to implement adaptive scoring in Mutt.