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I like have the same data on my PDA and my cell phone. In my case, I need to have the data in my SonyEricssonT68i and my PalmTungstenCee.

I have therefore written a tiny Perl script to convert my J-Pilot data into a format understood my Gnokii so that I could copy my address book to my phone.

pdb2gnokii is fairly simple. It walks through the PDB and prints to stdout lines that can be fed to gnokii --writephonebook.

It was originally limited to Gnokii, but can now output format that Gammu and t616hack understand.

You can restrict the categories processed by passing parameters to it.

It tries to be clever in order to show all numbers when one contact has several phone numbers, e.g. one home phone number and two work phone numbers. This works for a SonyEricssonT68i as the T68i's agenda knows different types of phones. I don't know if it would work for any other.

See also Synchronize jpilot (pdb and pc3) and GnomeCard (vCard) address database files that I started looking at before writing pdb2gnokii.


Perl script: pdb2gnokii

You will need the p5-Palm modules.


See also AddressPdbToXml and LinuxT610.