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There is a certain lack of documentation and help forum for Emacs Wiki, though. As a newbie, you will ask yourself questions. Here is an attempt at writing a EmacsWikiForNewbies.

What is cool about Emacs Wiki?

You only need GnuEmacs, i.e. no CGI, no database, nothing!

Everything is static. And it is very easy to author if you know a few things about Emacs. And if you don't know much about GnuEmacs, you can check out TheEmacsWiki.

Some notes


I have developed RssForEmacsWiki.


I publish stuff with CVS, using my recursive CVS add and commit tool.

Similar easy publication tools

I personnally prefer EmacsWiki because I can do everything easily from GnuEmacs. Need to talk to Aaron at the Technical Plenary in case he attends it.