Concert Review: Meghan Toohey & guests

22 August 2000
Toad, Cambridge, MA, USA
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Thanks once again to Liz Shulman and Jessica Byers for her help.

This time I had to arrive early because last week I couldn't get in because there were too many people. So here's my advice to you: stop going to see Meghan Toohey, I can't even get in the bar anymore!

I must say that this show was really cool. I saw 4 really good bands. Well, I was somewhat far from the stage, but I was sitting on a chair so that wasn't too bad.

The problem with that is that it is difficult to take pictures.

Like last time, my personal note that nobody cares about will be that I finally gave hard copies of the Club Passim pictures to Meghan and that I met Liz Shulman who works for Meghan's manager who sent me useful comments and that she is really cool.

Deb Talan

Like two weeks ago, the show was open by Deb Talan. This girl kicks ass. Unfortunately, she only played for around 20 minutes. Hopefully, she'll still be there next week and she'll play more.

The Red Telephone

The Red Telephone are a rock band, playing music in the style of Oasis or maybe R.E.M. In that sense, their music is not really original. However, it sounds pretty good. I'll try to see them again, although they are apparently not playing in the Boston area.

Meghan Toohey

Meghan Toohey started playing around 10.30pm. She only played one set, rather than two two weeks ago, but it was longer. She only played one cover too. It was as good as usual, with background vocals by Deb Talan on some of the songs (she has a really nice voice).

Unfortunately, she didn't play any encore and stopped to introduce later the next band. And I don't have the set list this time... yes, it sucks to be far from the stage.


This week, there was a forth band closing the evening: JABE. Meghan Toohey introduced them as Jabe's kick-ass band. I couldn't agree more.

I was really impressed by what those guys did. They really played a great set (although I couldn't see the end because I had to leave). The band was composed of a banjo, an accoustic guitar, drums and a bass and they really had a cool and heavy sound. I couldn't believe my ears!

What is pretty cool is that they seem to play a lot in the Boston area, so I'll be able to see them again. You have to check those guys out! I will very soon.

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